AUTHORIZED Paint & Body Repairer

Make your Jaguar brand new as if it just came out of the factory


Repair after an accident

If your Jaguar needs a repair, it is important to be repaired properly and reliably. In Koumantzias S.A. we have a fully equipped bodyshop, authorized by Jaguar. And only authorized workshops with modern equipment and highly trained staff can guarantee the quality of the repair and maintenance of your factory guarantee. In case of an accident it is important your car to be repaired correctly, according to the specifications of Jaguar.

Few people know that they can choose where to repair their vehicle while the most entrust their insurer, who usually promote it to specific workshops.

Give therefore your Jaguar the attention it deserves and select an authorized bodyshop to repair it after an accident. In Koumantzias S.A. we will not take car of your car but also we will provide you a courtesy car until the end of the repair.

For an estimation of the repair , you can send your information along with the relevant images in


Repair of small damage – Smart repair

Scratches, dents and blemishes that spoil the original image of your Jaguar can easily and economically be repaired by our specialized technicians.